The Experience of Color II Group Exhibition

Gallery Walk February 17th, 5-8pm


Julie Speidel • Gary Komarin • Lynda Lowe  • Linda Christensen

Rana Rochat • Jenny Honnert Abell


Julie Speidel’s colorful stainless steel sculptures encompass an array of cultural influences, including forms from the stone age into twentieth-century modernism. Gary Komarin, a master of  Post-Painterly Abstraction, has been at the forefront of contemporary art with a bold and colorful style recognized by art collectors worldwide, and museum curators alike. Lynda Lowe paints poetic worlds with a power and a delicacy the blend imagination and intellect.  Images rendered in exquisite detail are combined with scientific diagrams, poetry fragments, and gestural marks resting on a lush and densely layered ground. As a child, Linda Christensen was always in tune with the subtle shifts in mood of those around her. This sensitive observation of friends and strangers has continued to inspire her work as an artist. Christensen catches people who are in a “private place” and are turned within. Rana Rochat's works are  pictorial metaphors of a fragile balance using marks, forms, colors, as well as the luminosity and visual depth afforded by the encaustic medium. In her recent paintings there is an organic and almost landscape like feeling about them.              

Jenny Honnert Abell’s artwork is filled with fantasy and imagination.  Loving nature, Abell’s imagery of birds on old book covers resembles the illustrations seen in early childhood fairytale books.