Raphaëlle Goethals: Turbulences

Gallery Walk August 4th • 5-8 pm  Artist Chat August 5th • 10am


Focusing on painting as a space of exploration, Raphaëlle Goethals has used wax and resin as her signature medium for more than fifteen years. Probing the physicality of the materials, Goethals works in a process of layering, pouring, scraping off, scratching into the surface, effacing, leaving traces of earlier information, all of this eliciting from the viewer a continuous shifting in the perception of forms, a build up and overlap of successive stages which demands that his or hers attention continually adjusts. The physical history of the piece, however, is buried underneath the smooth surface, its presence felt rather than seen.


Goethals is preoccupied with space, depth, and the fundamentality of light. Testifying to her continuing interest in the evolution and history of painting and in the point at which language originates, these vast surfaces refer to a Jungian space, a semiotic world, an uncoded, unarticulated space of interpretation.