Michael Gregory: Light Years

Gallery Walk September 2nd, 5-8pm  • Artist Chat September 3rd, 10am


Michael Gregory’s work is immediately recognizable with its American icons of barns, homesteads, and imagined fields. These structures, while forefront in his previous works, now play evenly with the powerful imagery created by the light and landscape. The light, as seen over American soil, is captured from the landscapes of our enigmatic Midwestern and Western fields to the luminescent nighttime sky overlooking cityscapes.


Gregory says of his work: “I think the concept of the icon is important. I’m using it in the traditional sense of a picture as a vehicle for transcendence, something to meditate upon. I’m not telling a story, rather suggesting a point of departure for a topic for conversation. The artist says, “My paintings are collages of personal observation and experience, art history and interests that extend the formal language of painting. While I love paint, the act of painting is subservient to the picture which stands for the idea.”