Marcia Myers & Jun Kaneko



Marcia Myers

Marcia Myers utilized the formal elements of artistic expression—color, light, texture, shape, and space, to capture the essence of an experience. Through the artist’s reconsideration of Italian Fresco, the viewer is propelled into a realm where past and present commingle. Myers, who passed away in 2008, is included in many prestigious private and public collections throughout the world. Gail Severn Gallery is the sole representative of the artist’s estate. 


Jun Kaneko 

This major exhibition features glazed and Raku fired ceramic by internationally renowned sculptor, Jun Kaneko. It will include his famous Dangos, Heads, and Wall Pieces, which can also be found in more than 100 Museum collections and institutions around the world. Through carefully repeated brushstrokes and motifs, Kaneko creates a kind of abstract imagery upon three dimensional surfaces that is uniquely his.