Marcia Myers

Gallery Walk March 10th, 5-8pm


Marcia Myers utilized the formal elements of artistic expression—color, light, texture, shape, and space, to capture the essence of an experience.  Her paintings are relics of a creative process where the act of creating supersedes the product of creation.  The subject has been reduced to color. The viewer is propelled into a realm where past and present commingle.  As a conveyer of truth, her paintings explore the realm beyond the recognizable subject, a place devoid of word and imagery, where all is distilled to its very essence.  The result is pure indulgence in the sensory aspects of color, texture and space. Her paintings tantalize, inviting the viewer into ineffable dialogue with color.  It is purely through the power of color that an emotion is triggered and the viewer is transported through space and time to arrive at a present interpretation of the past.


Myers who passed away in 2008, is included in many prestigious private and public collections throughout the world.


This exhibition features the last frescos from Myers’ personal collection, including historical works on paper and the body of work that she was creating at the time of her death.