Lynda Lowe: Bound and Boundless Part II

Gallery Walk Friday, July 5th • 5-8 pm

Artist Chat Saturday, July 6th • 10 am   


This body of work explores the object-quality of books and my long-time interest in the interplay of text and image. In some of these artworks, I’ve referenced my fascination with incunabula, those ancient manuscripts with mysterious content and undecipherable script upon their worn pages. Palimpsests too are part of the aesthetic associations and also the development the work. As the imagery progresses, surface additions and subtractions contribute layers where vestiges of earlier aspects are left deliberately visible. This stratum involves additions of text, asemic scrawls, pairings of realism and abstraction, and diagrammatic drawings with some aspects seen only with close inspection. These many layers of imagery offer a broad system of visual and symbolic information to engage different routes of information gathering and the construction of meaning.


On this theme, the exhibition with its collection of book-related artwork creates the atmosphere of an athenaeum. In Greek culture, this signified a reading room or library, a place where poets read, where science was researched, and the arts and literature considered. Since my artwork often begins with reading, research, and the relationships between art and science, and with poetry being a contemplative source, an athenaeum seems a fitting association for this show and also an invitation for you to enter.