Linda Christensen

Linda Christensen is not interested in showcasing the perfect human form, or in pedantically depicting in realistic detail a person's exterior.  Her subsurface focus of emotional interiors is harder to reach, but for her, so much more worthwhile to tap into and express.


Capturing figures in moments of repose and reflection, Linda Christensen's paintings are self-portraits - each figure reflecting a posture the artist knows well.  "I've shaded my eyes, I've collected on the beach, I've waded a foot in the water.  Therefore I don't closely study how to draw the figure.  I don't necessarily want to get it "right" or to follow the rules, as in my childhood.  I want the freedom to show you my flaws and imperfections.  I want to feel the emotion that comes with being human, and I want you to feel that too.  I know how it feels to be me.  In truth, I am not an observer of others but an observer of myself."