Judith Kindler: Of What Importance

What you will see in the exhibition OF WHAT IMPORTANCE:


Themes of Ecological logic and what is important in life, ie. peace, nature, happiness, balance, protection etc. become symbolically referenced in her newest body of work titled OF WHAT IMPORTANCE. Through life size assemblage figures of beautiful women manikins with objects, construction, and painting, she explores the many impressions of nature and her immersion in it, creating a large impactful installation beckoning the viewer to see beyond our own selves and self interest to look at the grander picture of life and to what is truly important to the future. The figures are beautiful, frozen in time.  At first glance they look like ancient statues deteriorating under the weight of time and struggle to survive.  Yet they are beautiful, quietly and gently presenting an idea of perseverance amidst the struggle for existence.


The paintings are wall hangings, floating over the surface of the wall, each telling a story through paint, abstraction and drawing continuing the dialogue and backdropping the figures. Kindler speaks of life around her, not in a direct or obviously literal way, but through her unique language and vision presented as a large over arching installation composed of the many silent connotative stories of nature.