Gary Komarin:The First Green Rushing

Gallery Walk • Tuesday, December 29th, 5-8pm


A master of Post-Painterly Abstraction, Gary Komarin has been at the forefront of contemporary art with a bold and colorful style recognized by art collectors worldwide, and applauded by museum curators and art critics alike. While looking at Komarin’s paintings and his works on paper, the viewer is invited to the intimate space where a dialogue is established between painter and painting.


“My paintings proceed without preconception. I paint to find out what it is that I am going to paint. I think of myself as a stagehand who sets up the conditions necessary for drama to unfold. Once a painting has achieved a life of its own, when it speaks back to you as a painter, this is a good place to be. For me, the best paintings are those that paint themselves.”


Gary Komarin

New York, 2015