Diane Andrews Hall

Gallery Walk March 8th • 5-8 pm 


Natural phenomena, light, atmosphere, dynamic weather patterns, are a source I use to investigate my interests in time, light, movement, and the complex nature of “being”.  I am moved by the awesomeness of nature and interested in immersing myself in it, sometimes scientifically, but always experientially. I paint transience: air, water and light, and things that live in it. The wind inspires me. My work marks time in timeless imagery.


Birdwatching (birding to the initiated), has been one of my favorite past times for most of my adult life. This interest has taken me to extraordinary places. Over time the birds became a subject. The intrigue of seeing them in their habitat, barely perceptible, always in motion, and full of character captivated me. It was these qualities of transience and flickering presence that made them seem so compatible with my passions for light–its movement catching the ocean waves or reflecting moisture in the sky. The birds, the clouds, the ocean, all are in a constant state of becoming.


I am trying to capture a moment, a split second that is loaded with information and speaks to my interest in perception, specifically in how we see and comprehend what we see. My paintings depict the passage of time and hold within them the time of labor. It is this interest in temporality that inspires the works which depict the transformation of a cloud or paintings of light reflecting off the surface of ocean waves. I am an avid bird watcher, sky watcher and weather fanatic. My bird paintings, which are often limited to the birds in my back yard are also a reflection of transience: the ethereal and fleeting nature of “being”.  Something, anything, appears as a solid yet it’s in constant movement. Nothing is permanent it only persists. I try to make evidence of this in my work.