Chris Maynard

Throughout the world, feathers serve as symbols for healing, achievement, transformation, and mankind’s dreams of flight and transcendence. Equally, single feathers can also represent chance, random trajectories in life, the liminal space between earth and sky, ascension and hope.




Making use of the unique quality of his medium, Chris carefully considers the natural beauty of each feather – its color, texture, and pattern. Through precise cutting and arranging using ophthalmic surgery scissors, forceps, magnifying glasses and entomology pins, Chris releases a story from each feather; he composes intimate scenes that are thematically structured around the ideas of attraction, flight, and harmony – themes that encompass a bird’s whole life.




By using feathers, which are a tangible piece of something living, Chris’ work echoes Nature’s endless cycle. He creates a direct connection between art and the natural world. Through his shadow boxes, Chris hopes his work fosters in people an appreciation and understanding of nature and that each piece engages us on a fundamental level where we feel an interconnectedness with the world in which we live.