Carolyn Olbum: Metamorphose

Gallery Walk February 17th, 5-8pm  • Artist Chat February 18th, 10am


"In this series, 'Metamorphose', it is the combination of fallen tree limbs; their simplicity and elegance that have inspired me. Empty birds’ nests arranged in crevices and niches of the barren trees suggest an element of mystery and history, of life in nature.


 For me, through the alchemy of bronze casting, each composition tells a story."

-Carolyn Olbum


The act of absorbing her environment is crucial to Carolyn Olbum's process — her family and her surroundings are her inspiration. During walks she gathers dried vines, branches, seedpods, and other objects of nature that may then hang in her studio for months, lived with and studied, before the act of translation begins. She combines various materials and textures in her search for expressive forms, lines, and evocative moments, and the original material is transformed, losing its identity as a "stick" or a "vine," becoming instead an original composition, an iconic, enduring work of art.

Elisabeth Roark, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Art

Chatham University