Animalia IV


Gallery Walk December 29th, 5-8pm


Jonathon Hexner, Margaret Keelan, Hung Liu, Robert McCauley, Ed Musante, Deborah Oropallo, Alexander Rohrig, Jane Rosen, Brad Rude, Mary Snowden, Inez Storer & Theodore Waddell.


The artist's in this annual exhibition visually address man's relationship to nature as a primary concern, while art history, environmental ethics, beauty and aesthetics still resonate in the work.


Sculptors Margaret Keelan, Brad Rude & Alexander Rohrig transform the materials stone, bronze, ceramic and found objects into animals both domestic and wild. Ed Musante’s small-scale paintings of birds and animals, painted on his signature ‘found cigar boxes’, are intimate portraits of wildlife, as are Mary Snowden's meticulously stitched & embroidered farmyard and wild animals. Robert McCauley’s oil paintings create narratives about history, deforestation and ecological issues.