Rachel Cobb

Rachel Cobb: Mistral: The Legendary Wind of Provence

by Rachel Cobb


Mistral is a portrait of Provence seen through its legendary wind. Photographer Rachel Cobb illustrates the effects of this relentless wind that funnels down the Rhône Valley, periodically gusting to 120 km per hour―hurricane strength on the Beaufort wind force scale.


The region has, accordingly, adjusted to accommodate the mistral's impact. Some houses are built the traditional way, with few or no windows on the windward side and the main entrance on the sheltered side. Heavy stones hold down terra-cotta roof tiles. Rows of trees lining fields create windbreaks to shield crops.


Cobb spent years chasing this capricious wind, challenging herself to photograph the invisible. As she became sensitive to its rhythms and effects, Cobb realized the mistral was not just a weather phenomenon; it was an integral part of the fabric of Provençal life. It was everywhere, yet always unseen.


Hardcover: 192 pp., 10 x 12 in.

$50.00 plus shipping


Julie Speidel

The Center Holds

by Matthew Kangas (Author)


In this richly-illustrated monograph, the art of Julie Speidel is seen as one of myth and materiality, encompassing the creation more than four decades of numerous objects that inhabit a variety of locales and fulfill a wide variety of purposes. She has created sculpture in many different media and a variety of scale, as well as an impressive body of prints. Achieved by an indomitable creative will, Speidel's accomplishments are inspired by an affinity for mythology, and allude to ancient cultures while also being deeply informed by extensive personal travel from childhood to the present. Although the collected signs and imagery of her work are steeped in earlier cultures, the working vocabulary is uniquely hers. This aspect of her art anchors her in a more recent tradition, that of twentieth-century modernism: abstracted, suggestive, and referential.


Hardcover: 232 pp., 225 color illus., 9 x 12 in.

$50.00 plus shipping


Theodore Waddell

Theodore Waddell: My Montana―Paintings and Sculpture, 1959–2016 1st Edition

by Rick Newby (Author), John Rohrbach (Contributor)


Born in 1941 in Billings, Montana, painter, sculptor, and rancher Theodore Waddell stands as one of the West’s most celebrated contemporary artists. His late modern “landscapes with animals” couple abstract expressionist technique with creatures—Black Angus cattle, horses, and bison—that populate the high plains and mountain valleys of today’s ranching West.


Heavily illustrated with the artist’s own work, as well as images from his personal archive, Theodore Waddell: My Montana traces Waddell’s influences, ranging from the Cezannesque works of Montana rancher and teacher Isabelle Johnson to the abstract expressionism of Robert Motherwell, the expressionist figuration of Robert DeNiro Sr., and the classic western paintings of Karl Bodmer, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington, Thomas Moran, Joseph Henry Sharp, and Maynard Dixon.


This volume also includes a gathering of essays celebrating the life and art of Theodore Waddell by the Montana curators, critics, scholars, poets, and fiction writers who have known him best.


Contributors include the Honorable Pat Williams, Robyn Peterson, Bob Durden, Gordon McConnell, Mark Browning, Donna Forbes, Greg Keeler, Patrick Zentz, Scott McMillion, William Hjortsberg, Paul Zarzyski, and Brian Petersen.


256 pages • 9 x 10.9 inches

$29.95 SOFTBACK plus shipping

$45.00 HARDBACK plus shipping

Laura Wilson

That Day: Pictures in the American West

by Laura Wilson (Author), John Rohrbach (Contributor)


Renowned photographer Laura Wilson has captured the majesty, as well as the tragedy, of her home region of Texas and the wider West for more than three decades. A former assistant to Richard Avedon, she has published her work to wide acclaim over the past twenty-five years. As seen in this extraordinary book, Wilson’s subjects range from legendary West Texas cattle ranches to impoverished Plains Indian reservations to lavish border-town cotillions. Also featured are compelling portraits of artists who are associated with the region, including Donald Judd, Ed Ruscha, and Sam Shepard.


Hardcover: 232 pages • 10.2 x 1.1 x 12.2 inches

$50.00 plus shipping


Jane Rosen

H is for ...



Catalog for Jane Rosen's July 2016 solo exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery. 48 full color pages featuring Rosen's glass and stone sculptures. Essay by Douglas F. Maxwell.


$25 plus shipping






Joseph Raffael

Moving Toward the Light: Joseph Raffael

by Lanie Goodman (Author), Betsy Dillard Stroud (Author), David Pagel (Author)


Extraordinary in scale, infinitesimal in detail, and sumptuous in color, the paintings of master watercolorist Joseph Raffael plumb the depths of nature's beauty. Eighty-eight works of deep reflection, awe, and joy selected for this volume were created in his home and garden in Cap D'Antibes, France, overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.


Raffael's radiant vision of the natural world, including flowers, fish and water, has garnered critical praise throughout his long career. "Despite their iconic serenity when seen from a distance," wrote art critic Robert Hughes, "Raffael's paintings disclose a bejeweled profusion of incident close up," concluding that the artist's color-drenched canvases display "a tender virtuosity without parallel in other American figurative painting today."


Hardcover: 192 pages • 11 x 1 x 11 inches

$75.00 plus shipping


Laura McPhee

The Home and the World: A View of Calcutta

Photographs by Laura McPhee; With a foreword by Amitav Ghosh and an essay by Romita Ray


Publisher's press release:

Photographer Laura McPhee, noted for her stunning large-scale landscapes and portraits of the people who live and work in them, has been traveling to eastern India for over a decade. There she has devoted her perceptive vision to picturing layers of history, culture, religion, and class as they appear in private heritage homes and public markets, in lively street festivals, and in the faces of city dwellers in Calcutta (also known as Kolkata).


This exquisitely produced book features a selection of McPhee’s works made in and around India’s former capital. Here we glimpse courtyards, living spaces, temples, and altars as both vestiges of the past and elements of contemporary urban existence. McPhee’s images sensitively penetrate the surface to show the blurred boundaries between social classes, the blending of public and private life, and the resonance between India and other parts of the world. Also included are a foreword by Amitav Ghosh on the historical divisions inherent in the city’s culture and on the nature of McPhee’s work, and an essay by art historian Romita Ray on the ways McPhee captures and distills the remnants of colonial Calcutta in her photographs of the contemporary city.


The book will be available at Gail Severn Gallery (11/13/14). 160 pages • 10 x 0.9 x 12.3 inches

$50.00 plus shipping


Theodore Waddell

Tucker Tees Off

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell, Text by Lynn Campion


Tucker Tees Off is the third book in a series about dogs. This time, Tucker is joined by other dogs and various creatures on the golf course. Woven throughout the 25 pages of Theodore Waddell’s illustrations are rhymes and poems related to golf. Tips and quips accompany Tucker in his quest to finish all 18 holes during the Intermountain golf season. Lynn Campion and nationally recognized PGA Pro Stoney Brown add the humor- ous yet serious dialogue of lessons that every age can enjoy.

$16.95 plus shipping


Theodore Waddell

Tucker's Seasonal Words of Wisdom

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell, Text by Lynn Campion


Tucker’s Seasonal Words of Wisdom, a delightful children’s book by celebrated Montana/Idaho painter and sculptor Theodore Waddell and writer and photographer Lynn Campion.


Follow Tucker the Bernese Mountain Dog and his fellow Berners—and human pals—through a year of fun and exploration in the Northern Rockies. The happy Berners experience the joys of each season, all the while sharing their uplifting brand of canine wisdom.


Tucker appreciates the natural world, the warmth of family and friends, the pleasure of romping around, and “just being.” His straightforward approach to life will appeal to kids—and is good for adults, too.

80 Pages - 32 Full Color Illustrations.

$16.95 plus shipping


Theodore Waddell

Theodore Waddell: Tucker Gets Tuckered

Children's book: "Tucker Gets Tuckered: A book about a dog named Tucker, by two guys named Ted."

Tucker's not the kind of dog who just sits around the house. Oh no. There's always something fun to do womewhere, and whatever it is, Tucker knows where to find it. Is that Tucker ont he Golf course? Is that him sunning ont he beach? You won't believe all the crazy things he likes to do, places he likes to go. No wonder Tucker gets tuckered. Wouldn't You?


An original Flash of Brilliance publication. Illustrations by Theodore Waddell. Story by Ted Beckstead. 2007

$16.95 plus shipping


Squeak Carnwath

Horizon on Fire

This volume presents the first comprehensive look at works on paper by the tirelessly inventive Oakland artist Squeak Carnwath. The selection of nearly 90 images offers viewers an intimate look at the artist’s exploration of distinct themes, in a range of media, spanning a period of thirty-five years. 128 pages, full color

Call gallery for availability







Betsy Eby

The encaustic paintings of Betsy Eby (born 1967) are contemporary examples of a tradition of painting descended from Romanticism, a tradition that insists that a work of art is both an outward expression and an inner exploration. "My paintings are inspired by patterns found in nature--whirling leaves, buzzing insect wings, birds in migratory flight--all combined in gestural rhythms, like the classical music that I practice," she states, citing among her predecessors painters such as Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Petah Coyne, Brice Marden, Anselm Kiefer and Corot. Her passionate insistence that emotion can be the beginning and the end of a work of art places her work firmly within the romantic, but also in opposition to the market-driven, media-conscious art of our time. This monograph accompanies Eby's traveling museum exhibition Painting with Fire. 150 pages. 12.3 x 10.2 x 0.9 inches

$35.00 plus shipping

Hung Liu

Summoning Ghosts

Published to accompany the major retrospective exhibition on Hung Liu, Summoning Ghosts is a comprehensive look at the work of this extraordinary Chinese-American artist. A pioneer in Chinese contemporary art before the Chinese avant-garde came into being, Lui’s life spanned two centuries and bridged two totally different economic situations. The wide-ranging essays in this book, which features 140 color illustrations, reflect on how Hung Liu’s evocative art is inextricably bound to her equally rich and complex life. While considering the artist’s primary work as a painter, the contributors also celebrate her murals, permanent and temporary installations, photography, and video. 11 x 9.5 x 0.9 inches. Hardcover 216 pages. $60.00 plus shipping


Rod Kagan

Totems & Guardians

Hardbound book produced by Gail Severn Gallery and Mandala Media for Rod Kagan's Memorial Retrospective at the Gail Severn Gallery during the Summer of 2013. This book encompasses this wonderful artist's life and work from his early years in New Jersey to his studio work in Ketchum, Idaho. The book contains quotes and statements from the artist and collectors of his work as well as essays by Gail Severn, Dennis O’Leary (Executive Director, Boise Art Museum, 1981-1997), Tim Kagan (Rod’s oldest Brother), Julie Gallagher (Executive Director, Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities, 1985-1996), Michael Green (Curator of Art Exhibits, The Herrett Museum, 1988), and Kristin Poole (Artistic Director, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, 1997-Current).

11"x 13" 144 full color pages.

$39.95 plus shipping


Raphaëlle Goethals


Catalog produced by Gail Severn Gallery for Goethal's solo exhibition "Anamnesis." 11"x9" 48 full color pages with essay by William Peterson and artist biography.


$25 plus shipping






Linda Christensen

Private Spaces

Catalog produced by Gail Severn Gallery for Christensen's solo exhibition Private Spaces. 48 full color pages with introduction and artist biography.


$25 plus shipping





Jane Rosen

light morph / dark morph

Catalog for Jane Rosen's July 2012 solo exhibition at Gail Severn Gallery. 48 full color pages featuring Rosen's glass and stone sculptures of raptors. Essay by Michael Klein.


$25 plus shipping





Cole Morgan

Cole Morgan: Thirty Years

240 pages. 30 year retrospective of Cole Morgan's work; 2 soft cover books enclosed and separated by 3 black boards.Very fascinating look into the works of Cole Morgan from 1970 until 2004. The book has images from pencil (early '70s) to his more recent mixed media works.



Laura McPhee

Laura McPhee:
Guardians of Solitude

Classic Limited Edition, edition of 425. Beautifully embossed clothbound hard cover. Each copy is signed and numbered by the artist. $300 plus shipping



Deborah Oropallo

Deborah Oropallo: POMP


A book on the work of Deborah Oropallo with essay and interview by Nick Stone


First Edition - 1000 copy limited hardcover - 60 pages, color. $25 plus shipping


Includes selected work from the "Guise" Series, originally shown at the De Young Museum in San Francisco, California. Also included is new work for upcoming 2009 exhibitions: "Wild Wild West.Show" Show will open at Gail Severn Gallery August 7th.


Laura McPhee

Laura McPhee: River Of No Return

Photographer Laura McPhee follows in the tradition of 19th-century artistic approaches toward the sublime, relying on a large-format view camera to capture images of exquisite color, clarity, and definition. In images spanning all seasons, McPhee depicts the magnificence and history of the Sawtooth Valley in central Idaho. Her subject matter includes the region’s spectacular mountain ranges, rivers, and ranchlands; its immense spaces and natural resources; the effects of mining and devastating wildfires; and the human stories of those who live and work there. Featured texts set McPhee’s photographs in the context of the work of American predecessors including Frederick Sommer and J.B. Jackson, and discuss her working methods and experiences photographing the evolving landscape.  This beautiful book is $70 plus shipping

Tony Foster

Tony Foster: Painting at the Edge of the World

Standard Edition


Tony Foster paints his expansive watercolors at the edges of the world. Presented here with personal accounts of his journeys, they are an exultant testament to the power of art and the richness and fragility of our planet. Explorer-artist Tony Foster has been trekking into and living in the world's wildernesses for the past twenty-five years in order to make his monumental paintings, often under extreme and demanding conditions. These monumental works, containing written narratives, symbolic souvenirs, clues, and observations, are a celebration of some of the planet's most extraordinary places and of time spent studying and experiencing them. His exhibitions have been shown in many major museums and galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution, Yale Center for British Art, California Academy of Sciences, the Royal Watercolour Society, and the Royal Geographical Society. This is the first comprehensive retrospective volume of his work. In addition to selections from Tony Foster's diaries, the book includes contributions by James K. Ballinger, Graham Beal, John Halkes, Duncan Robinson, Stephen Sparks, Mark Trahant, and Annie and Bill Vanderbilt.


Cloth bound with dust jacket 324 pp; 240 illustrations including color plates of 180 artworks. 13.5 x 12 inches. $75 plus shipping

Tony Foster

Tony Foster: Painting at the Edge of the World

Limited Edition


Presented in a hand-made slipcase. Includes a limited edition Giclee print. Suitable for framing "From the East End of Horseshoe Mesa Looking 300 WNW" 12 x 11 inches. Edition limited to 250 copies each signed and numbered by the artist. $280 plus shiping


Tony Foster

Tony Foster: Painting at the Edge of the World

Collector's Edition


Presented in an elegant hand-made clamshell box. Includes an original Tony Foster warercolour from a choice of five subjects - rainforest, desert, mountain, canyon or volcano. Suitable for framing. This is a rare chance to acquire fine small original work from the artist. The image size will vary. Paper size 12 x 11 inches. 50 copies only. $2,500 plus shipping



Squeak Carnwath

Squeak Carnwath: Lists, Observations, and Counting

Chronicle Books, San Francisco


Soft cover. Photographically illustrated French-fold wrappers; no dust jacket as issued. Paintings and text by Squeak Carnwath. Foreword by Leah Levy. Introduction by Ramsay Bell Breslin and James E. B. Breslin. Includes a chronology and a bibliography. 108 pp., with 85 four-color plates. 8 x 8-3/4 inches.


Julie Speidel

Julie Speidel

Monograph celebrating 20 years of bronze sculpture.

Julie Spiedel's bronze and stone sculptures loom large over their human viewers, their tall stature reflecting her love of ancient monuments and totems, their heavy mass often pierced and punctured by defiant holes, their geometric sections, sliced coils, facets and hard edges softened by texture and exquisite patination. With influences as varied as the megaliths of the British Isles and the totemic Native American art of her home and birthplace, the Pacific Northwest, Spiedel's work builds on organic forms, reinterpreting them with a clear, contemporary vision. Her sculptures are a tribute to the power of ancient monuments and their power to link the world of the senses to the world of the spirits. Julie Spiedel was born in Seattle in 1941 and raised in the Pacific Northwest and Europe.

Published by Northwest Museum of Art and University of Washington Press.

1.1 x 8.8 x 10.8 inches.  112 pages.



James Lavadour


Northwest Museum of Land and Sculpture, 2004

Native American artist James Lavadour paints expansive, gestural landscapes inspired by the Blue Mountains that surround his home on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. His aim is to create paintings that do not mimic the landscape, but instead embody the same energy as the geologic formations he knows intimately - their erosion patterns, textural rhythm, and dimensional mass. Lavadour has stated, "I can see now in my life that it is attainable for a brief moment of existence in this world to create a work of art that is truly a shining, transcendental thing, that is sustaining, that gives energy." This publication discusses Lavadour's life and philosophy as they relate to his artistic development and includes extensive quotations from recent interviews with the author.

9.9 x 9.3 x 0.8 inches.  80 pages.


Therman Statom


Stories from the Weser

Westfalisches Industriemuseum. Landschaftsverband. 2003. (Text in German) $30







Theodore Waddell

Into the Horizon

Paintings and Sculpture, 1960-2000. Yellowstone Art Museum/ University of Washington Press, 2002








Theodore Waddell

Seasons of Change

Eiteljorg Museum







Jun Kaneko

Susan Peterson, 2001


Jun Kaneko is the first in-depth survey of the Japanese artist whose work has created a new and radical language in ceramics. Born in Nagoya, Japan, during the Second World War, but living and working in the US since the early 1960s, Kaneko has achieved international renown through his exhibitions, public art projects, lectures and workshops. He is best known for his 'dangos' - large-scale, painted forms, whose richly glazed surfaces communicate a humanity that belies their huge size. Susan Peterson's thoroughly researched traces the ceramist's life and artistic development. She examines turning-points and intersperses her commentary with previously unpublished statements from Kaneko himself. Specally-commissioned photography of his work provide a complete overview of his oeubre.

11 x 9.5 x 0.8 inches

224 pages


Marcia Myer

Twenty Years

A first comprehensive look at the artist's strong and sensuous works, which display her unorthodox approach wit traditional materials, and the evolution of her paintings from oil glazes to collage and fresco.

1.4 x 11.1 x 14 inches

272 pages









Marcia Myer

Twenty Years

Hudson Hills Press, 2004. Printed by Scala, Italy.

There are two options for this book with a very small number of the limited-edition slip-cover version still available.




Bruce Beasley


Fath and Selz, 1994








Robert Helm

Dream Prints

Poems/ Original Paintings by Robert Helm. Loretta Bonnier Anawalt, 1999






Morris Graves

Flower Paintings

This visually stunning book will be a revelation to admirers of Northwest visionary artist Morris Graves (b. 1910-2001) who know him chiefly through his profoundly original, metaphysically charged paintings of chalices, birds, snakes, and other small creatures. Graves's national reputation began with the Museum of Modern Art's exhibitions "Americans 1942--18 Artists from 9 States."

12.1 x 10.8 x 0.7 inches 156 pages.

University of Washington Press, 1994 $45 plus shipping


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