David deVillier

The Red Reveal
Oil on wood panel
8 x 11.75 in

ABout the Artist

David deVillier

Where we choose to go in our minds is often a different place than where our minds take us. Multiple events have transpired in the last year that have led me along different conceptual paths than the ones that I would normally go down left to my own devices. As my title suggests, I have decided to follow two of those paths to see where they lead. Mind Gardens follows layered dreams, relationships, alternate personalities, desires, frustrations, seductions, and suggestions as they gestate, grow, evolve, reflect, and affect the psychological world roiling inside of our human heads. In my current artworks, tiny feet and legs trek around in obscure, neutral landscapes – toting male, female, and gender-neutral mask heads—that are out of scale to their lower appendages. Unknown figures disappear inside of private worlds where they can exist freely and wander about without the viewer knowing—or even needing to know - who these people really are, what they are really doing, or where they might be going. On the path of Women Who Know, I continue to be affected by ongoing discussions related to political, social, and gender issues. Nonspecific personalities of semi-abstract and alternately constructed women inhabit complex mental spaces, stand proudly on stages, and exist in worlds where the scale and color and texture of their existence might suggest pride, knowledge, intelligence, boldness, security, and comfort in their own choices of how to participate in the world. Often my creative paths follow winding routes with multiple elevation changes and switchbacks – some easy and some hard – but in the end I hope to find that these two parallel journeys will eventually merge into a rich visual landscape and into an even richer and genuinely thoughtful intellectual discourse.


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