Maggie Shafran

Specimens, 2023
Ink on paper
36 x 36 in

ABout the Artist

Maggie Shafran

Maggie Shafran is a multidisciplinary artist whose work examines themes of vulnerability, humanity, the impermanence of life and the transformational quality of death. She is driven by a desire to preserve and examine objects and relationships. Taking cues from classic portraiture, appropriation art and still life tradition, Maggie explores different approaches in order to present her subjects through her own lens. Her practice relies on an intimate connection to her subjects and experiment-based knowledge of her materials to create acutely personal work. Her own hand and body are ever present, even when the figure is absent.

Working in a variety of mediums and processes; including, oils, plaster casting, graphite, photography and collage, Maggie’s practice is ever evolving. It is led by the curiosity and critical eye she brings to encounters in her daily life. She explores and teases her viewpoint to life with a dedication to representation and loyalty to technique.

Maggie earned her undergraduate BA in Fine Art at Pitzer College in 2014 and recently completed the Graduate Diploma program at The Royal College of Art in London, with distinction. She works out of her studio in Ketchum, Idaho where she continues to mature her practice and show her work.

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