Suzanne Hazlett

Flow I
Encaustic and mixed media on panel
48 x 48 in

ABout the Artist

Suzanne Hazlett is an artist who is drawn to the nuances of textures and light found in nature and in urban environments and transforms those influences into her paintings. She creates visually atmospheric and physically textured work by blending and layering wax, ground marble, and organic pigments while applying these varied media to cradled wood panels. Her studio is located in Ketchum, Idaho at the northern point of the Wood River Valley, surrounded by the Boulder and Sawtooth Mountains.

Suzanne is represented and her art is exhibited by Gail Severn Gallery. As an arts advocate and champion of efforts to make art accessible to all, she is also the co-founder and president of Wood River Valley Studio Tour, Inc., a nonprofit arts organization which celebrates the artistic talent of the greater Sun Valley, Idaho community by connecting artists, art lovers, and those new to art, through an annual exploration of local artists’ studios.  Along with these artistic endeavors, Suzanne is the President and Owner of Hazlett Wealth Management LLC,  an independent wealth management firm.  She is Director, President and Founder of the Giving Guide of the Wood River Valley, a nonprofit organization providing a single resource about nonprofit organizations making a  impact in the greater Sun Valley, Idaho community. 

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