Gail Severn Gallery


Honoring Our Landscape VIII

April - May 2020


Featuring the aesthetic interpretation of our lands by nationally renowned painters, photographers and sculptors.


Artists:  Victoria Adams, Deborah Butterfield, Linda Christensen, James Cook, Michael Gregory, Valerie Hammond, Hung Liu, Laura McPhee, Kathy Moss, Gwynn Murrill, Carolyn Olbum, David Secrest, Theodore Waddell.

Wings II

April - May 2020


Why have images of birds been so important as an art form for thousands of years? Gail Severn Gallery artists reveal why they are inspired by our flying friends through painting, sculpture and mixed media interpretations of birds.


Artists:  Jenny Honnert Abell, David deVillier, Morris Graves, Diane Andrews Hall, Margaret Keelan, Judith Kindler, Hung Liu, Lynda Lowe, Chris Maynard, Robert McCauley, Kenna Moser, Ed Musante, Jane Rosen, Luise González Palma, Kiki Smith, Mary Snowden.

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