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Michael Gregory


February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm

Artist Chat  •  Saturday, February 15th • 10 am


Michael Gregory’s work is immediately recognizable with its American icons of barns, homesteads, and imagined fields. These structures, while forefront in his previous works, now play evenly with the powerful imagery of the landscape and light. The light, as seen over American soil, is captured from the landscapes of our enigmatic Midwestern and Western fields to the luminescent nighttime sky overlooking cityscapes.


Gregory’s work is included in many private and public collections including The U.S. Trust Company in New York, Microsoft Corporation, General Mills Corporation, Bank of America and Champion International Corporation, and The Denver Art Museum.


Click here for a PDF Catalog of Michael Gregory's True West.


Click here for available work by Michael Gregory.


February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


Featuring work by Pamela DeTuncq, Chris Maynard, Robert McCauley and Gwynn Murrill and Mary Snowden this annual exhibition addresses man’s relationship to nature and current environmental ethics and equally examines the profound and unique beauty found in the animal kingdom.


Pamela DeTuncq provides an irreverent look at the fleeting nature of life through the ancient art of taxidermy. Drawn from the medieval theory of memento mori, vintage tapestries serve as remembered experiences and highlight the futility and vanity of preserving the ephemeral.


Chris Maynard delicately crafts small scenes of avian life by intricately cutting and re-assembling individual bird feathers.


Robert McCauley’s oil paintings use the guise of art historical narratives to examine important themes of deforestation and the ecological concerns of climate change and species extinction.


Sculptor Gwynn Murrill uses bronze to capture elemental animal forms and captures the beauty of each animal’s movement.


Mary Snowden's combines meticulously stitched and embroidered animals with hand-painted elements to capture each animal’s true character.

Nostalgic Narratives

February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


Featuring work by Jenny Abell, Dan Anderson, Morgan Brig, and Lisa Kokin this intimate group show explores the art of storytelling and nostalgia. Combining the elements of craft and everyday materials, these works appeal to our associations with the domestic and our wistful longing for childhood.


Jenny Abell invents anthropomorphic narratives through her reworking of antique book covers.


Ceramic artist Dan Anderson creates forms representative of rural America, from old oil cans to architectural forms of decades past.


Morgan Brig crafts small toy boats from copper and found materials playing to our memories of childhood and love of intimate objects.


Lisa Kokin combines shredded money with metallic thread, re-contextualizing everyday materials and creating new forms and giving old money a new value.

Preview 2020

February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


A major group exhibition that will showcase a wide variety of the gallery’s internationally recognized and emerging artists who will be included in group shows or have one- person exhibitions at the gallery in 2020.


Pegan Brooke’s paintings are inspired by the experiences of sustained reflection upon various rivers and oceans. These paintings capture the beauty of light that dances across the surface of water and the reflections of light in the snow.


Inspired by the Bay Area Figurative movement, Linda Christensen paints solitary figures in moments of repose. The artist captures her subjects in those brief moments of internal thought and self-reflection.


Judith Kindler is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, encaustic, and photo-based work. Whether commenting on sociological interactions or her own autobiographical subjects, Judith endeavors to lay bare the common threads of human experience.


Laura McPhee is a photographer noted for her stunning large-scale landscapes and portraits of the people who live and work in them. She is currently chronicling visual stories about time, both geologic and human,  in the western desert of the United States. A meditation on our material lives, this body of work  depicts our paradoxical approaches as we at once to protect, alter, and extract from the land.


Jane Rosen’s sculptures sit on the line between realism and abstraction. Sketching Birds of Prey in their natural habitat, Rosen captures their essential forms, then carefully renders these Birds of Prey from glass and stone.


Raphaelle Goethals uses the medium of encaustic to produce her muted and masterful panels.  A ancient technique, encaustic employs ground pigments mixed with heated beeswax and resin. Goethals’ paintings always retain a memory of the earth through the presence of these natural materials.


Kathy Moss uses botanicals as archetypes in her paintings. Aware of the suggestiveness of and psychological meaning attached to flowers, Moss uses these objects as subject matter to address issues of  power, solipsism, and hierarchies by presenting imaginary orders and arrangements that would not occur in the natural world.


Working with simple forms and made from the most simple natural material of clay, Bean Finneran’s  constructions are abstract rings, lines, cones, circles but often evoke real things: sea anemones, coral reefs, haystacks or wind-blown grasses.


Anne Siems explores the various and ever shifting definitions of what it means to be female. In her newest body of work Siems addresses the complexity of female sexuality and the often times opposing values of tenderness and strength, and vulnerability within us all.

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