Gatherings Project

September 20th - 30th, 2020


Gatherings, presented by Lynda Lowe, is an art and poetry based project that experiments with a cycle of giving and receiving. The project began with 51 professional artists (making a total of 56 boxes), and 53 poets  contributing original poems. Artists created their art on handcrafted wooden boxes. Poets have written original poetry for inclusion inside the boxes. The Gatherings boxes then began to travel as each artist chose a person to give the box to. Each recipient participated by adding something meaningful they chose to include inside the box: narrative writing, commentary, a poem, artwork, a meaningful object. That person then chose the next recipient, and so on in a sequence of giving and receiving.



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Laura McPhee

September 1st - 30th, 2020


This exhibition will include photographs that chronicle desert lands of the American West  - from the high sagebrush steppe of Idaho to the salt flats of Utah to the edge of Joshua Tree National Park. Collectively, the pictures evoke contemplation of how we use the earth and to what ends. Made with film and a large-format view camera, the photographs envelop time, both geologic and human. A meditation on our material lives and the consequences of humanity's attempts to manage nature, the images depict our paradoxical efforts as we variously restore, protect, alter, and exploit the land.



Click here for available work by Laura McPhee.

Anne Siems

September 1st - 30th, 2020


'Moment' features a body of work Siems created during the 'Stay At Home' phase this spring. The work is a reflection on the present Moment, and our sense of time, which has been paused, stretched and warped over the past year.


The paintings and works on paper, which feature large-scale female faces, exert the "wonderful quiet, with which the whole world was suddenly, yet eerily blessed. This body of work holds this time of the endless Moment, of holding still and listening both inwardly and outwardly."



Click here for available work by Anne Siems.

Andrew Weir

September 1st - 30th, 2020


As part of our September exhibition program, Gail Severn Gallery is thrilled to announce a new show of work by artist Andrew Weir.


Drawing influence from the various countries in which he has lived and the multitude of languages spoken there, Andrew's work explores the intricacies of the spoken word -  how we dissect and derive meaning and create and modify written systems of communication.


Working though a collage of colorful motifs, found objects and text, Weir examines the relationship between signs and objects signified, highlighting how we interpret, understand, and transmogrify the written and spoken word based on our personal individual experiences.


Click here for available work by Andrew Weir.


Linda Christensen

August 1st-31st, 2020


Linda Christensen is not interested in showcasing the perfect human form, or in pedantically depicting in realistic detail a person's exterior.  Her subsurface focus of emotional interiors is harder to reach, but for her, so much more worthwhile to tap into and express.


Capturing figures in moments of repose and reflection, Linda Christensen's paintings are self-portraits - each figure reflecting a posture the artist knows well.  "I've shaded my eyes, I've collected on the beach, I've waded a foot in the water.  Therefore I don't closely study how to draw the figure.  I don't necessarily want to get it "right" or to follow the rules, as in my childhood.  I want the freedom to show you my flaws and imperfections.  I want to feel the emotion that comes with being human, and I want you to feel that too.  I know how it feels to be me.  In truth, I am not an observer of others but an observer of myself."


Click here for available work by Linda Christensen.

Kathy Moss

August 1st - 31st, 2020


Working within a floral iconography, Moss’s paintings do not have an obvious narrative, but rather explore the themes of memory, frailty, beauty, life, death, personal histories and human connection through the formal qualities of her work. Using a traditional chalk and oil ground Moss’s linen canvases hold the ghosts of her creation, capturing the beauty of the painting process through the build up and erasure of paint.


The flower silhouettes, which float individually above the surface, are both beautiful and elegiac - notations on the tremendous loss that is happening and a metaphor for the world in which we are currently living.


Click here for available work by Kathy Moss.

Hung Liu

July 2nd - 31st, 2020


Memory, both individual and collective, is an important theme in the work of Chinese-American artist Hung Liu, who seamlessly blends her individual story with larger themes of history, the passing of time, migration, immigration, and how we are connected to both past and future generations through our shared human experiences.


This exhibition features a selection of original oil paintings, mixed media works on panel, and painted aluminum cutouts. Based on the Dustbowl and Depression Era photographs of photographer Dorothea Lange, Liu’s current works seamlessly blend American documentary photography with the artist’s signature fluid style of drips and washes.


As an immigrant from China, and witness to wars, famines, and revolutions in Maoist era China, Liu feels she is a kindred spirit to the people depicted in Lange’s photography – the many disenfranchised and impoverished Americans who hoped for a better life amidst a bleak and unrelenting landscape. Liu’s works both acknowledge the tragedies of poverty, hunger and displacement, while also celebrating the resilience and perseverance of the human spirit.


Click here for Hung Liu's 2020 Summer

Exhibition Catalog.


Click here for available work by Hung Liu.

Jane Rosen

September 1st - 31st, 2020


In her solo exhibition, 'Bird Book', Rosen continues to expand her artistic language, manipulating her acute observations of nature into recognizable and iconic forms that bridge the gap between animal and human realms.

Bird Book will feature both Rosen's compelling multi-media drawings and noble totemic sculptures.  Her most regal, mysterious, and inspiring subjects continue to be the birds of prey which Rosen intimately observes in their natural surroundings at her ranch and studio.


There is a masterful balance within Rosen's work, a beautifully crafted juxtaposition of the fleeting qualities of the natural world and the seemingly eternal nature of glass and stone.  With a painterly eye, Rosen's act of creation is one of alchemy.  She transforms humble materials of glass, wood and stone through careful hand carving, tinting, cutting, and burnishing, ultimately creating majestic works that both reflect and show reverence for the light, shadows, and lines found in nature.


Click here for available work by Jane Rosen.


Pegan Brooke

July 2nd - 31st, 2020


Pegan Brooke draws inspiration from certain places and circumstances – the reflection of light as it dances upon water, morning fog across the landscape, and the crystalline beauty of snow. Brooke’s oil paintings are both abstract and meditative, combining the sensibilities of impressionism with the formal qualities of minimalism.


Through the use of metallic pigments and methodically placed brush strokes, the canvases appear to move and undulate as light bounces across their iridescent surfaces. Eliciting sensations of light as it dapples across the water’s surface or refracts and bends through fog and snow, Brooke’s paintings seem to shift and mutate as the viewer moves around them, much like the light transforms throughout the day.


Click here for Pegan Brooke's 2020 Summer

Exhibition Catalog.


Click here for available work by Pegan Brooke.

Chris Maynard

July 2nd - 31st, 2020


Throughout the world, feathers serve as symbols for healing, achievement, transformation, and mankind’s dreams of flight and transcendence. Equally, single feathers can also represent chance, random trajectories in life, the liminal space between earth and sky, ascension and hope.


Making use of the unique quality of his medium, Chris carefully considers the natural beauty of each feather – its color, texture, and pattern. Through precise cutting and arranging using ophthalmic surgery scissors, forceps, magnifying glasses and entomology pins, Chris releases a story from each feather; he composes intimate scenes that are thematically structured around the ideas of attraction, flight, and harmony – themes that encompass a bird’s whole life.


By using feathers, which are a tangible piece of something living, Chris’ work echoes Nature’s endless cycle. He creates a direct connection between art and the natural world. Through his shadow boxes, Chris hopes his work fosters in people an appreciation and understanding of nature and that each piece engages us on a fundamental level where we feel an interconnectedness with the world in which we live.


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Exhibition Catalog.


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Sheila Gardner


July 2nd - 31st, 2020


We are continuing this Memorial Retrospective honoring Sheila Gardner who passed away in 2019.


Internationally acclaimed plein-air painter, Sheila Gardner beautifully captures the intimacies of the landscape: the shifts of weather, the light, and the specifics of each season. A painterly realist and ecologist, Sheila has said that she speaks for the landscape, even though the landscape speaks for itself.


This Memorial Exhibition honors Sheila’s life and career and includes work from her time living in France, Maine, and our beloved Wood River Valley.


Click here for Sheila Gardner's GATEWAYS, A Memorial Retrospective Exhibition Catalog.


Click here for available work by Sheila Gardner.

Sheila Gardner


May - June, 2020


We are honored to present this Memorial Retrospective for Sheila Gardner who passed away in 2019.


Internationally acclaimed plein-air painter, Sheila Gardner beautifully captures the intimacies of the landscape: the shifts of weather, the light, and the specifics of each season. A painterly realist and ecologist, Sheila has said that she speaks for the landscape, even though the landscape speaks for itself.


This Memorial Exhibition honors Sheila’s life and career and includes work from her time living in France, Maine, and our beloved Wood River Valley.


Click here for available work by Sheila Gardner.

Marcia Myers & Jane Rosen

May - June, 2020


This exhibition features a selection of fresco paintings by the late Marcia Myers and includes several never-before-seen works on paper.


An ardent technician, Myers spent years mastering the art of fresco painting. The luscious pigments found in her frescoes recall the ancient ruins of Pompeii and beloved Italian Renaissance murals of centuries past.


Click here for available work by Marcia Myers.


A student of Minimal and Process art, Jane Rosen strikes a balance between the materials she uses and the ways in which they come together.


Rosen’s elegant sculptural forms reflect her direct perception of nature, specifically birds and how and why they act the way they do.


Click here for available work by Jane Rosen.

Margaret Keelan & Anne Siems


May - June, 2020


Exploring the themes of wonder, companionship, and the beauty found in aging, Margaret Keelan’s ceramic sculptures convey both a sweet sentimentality and melancholy.


Her use of multiple firings, glazes, and stains give her ceramic surfaces the appearance of weathered wood, which serves as a metaphor the beauty of aging and personal discovery.


Click here for available work by Margaret Keelan.


Anne Siems combines a vocabulary of various forms – birds, butterflies, garlands, dresses, crystals and faces set within an organic landscape. Echoing the artist’s personal shamanistic journeys, Anne’s paintings are an ongoing inquiry into the boundary between animals and humans, Nature as witness to history, and the vehicles of healing and renewal found in our environment.


Inspired by the beauty of the home landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Anne’s ‘Tree Portraits’ represent the spiritual and physical connection that exists between man and nature.


Click here for available work by Anne Siems.



May - June, 2020


Our group exhibition 'In Bloom' is a celebration of Spring by our contemporary artists through their individual interpretation of flowers. These artists present us with unique perspectives of the traditional symbol of spring and the concepts of beauty, vitality, and the cyclical nature of life.


All of these works come together for an exhibition in celebration of spring:


In her prints Hung Liu adopts and interprets traditional Chinese images of flowers, incorporating their historical symbolic importance in her work.


Laura McPhee’s large format photography captures the beauty of Idaho wildflowers and nature’s natural cycle, while the flowers in Kathy Moss’ large scale paintings serve as archetypes, representing issues of power, hierarchies, and the psychological associations we assign to flowers.


The subtlety and intimacy of Kenna Moser's beeswax, vintage envelope, and collage pieces counter the vibrant colors of Michael Gregory's tulips.


The ebb and flow of Allison Stewart's gestural flower paintings balance the intimate and precisely detailed paintings of Diane Andrews Hall.


In her monoprints, Kara Maria explores the beauty of nature through the unique geometry found in flowers, snowflakes and other flora and fauna.


Christopher Reilly’s spiritual and organic encaustic paintings capture the intimate relationship between plants and wildlife.


Jenny Abell creates a mythical narrative based in nature though her collaged book covers.


Judith Kindler


March 6  - April 30, 2020


Judith Kindler’s latest body of mixed media work veils the meaning of her imagery, obscuring objects and figures creating and alluring ambiguity.  These large scale enigmatic works are mounted on aluminum panels that float on the wall.


In addition Kindler exhibits sculptural experimentations in concrete and canvas. Crackled surfaces like old walls are painted with images of birds in trees with undefined objects.


These textural surfaces are in much in contrast with the modern clean surfaces of the photo based work.


Click here for a PDF Catalog of Judith Kindler's 'OBSCURE'.


Click here for available work by Judith Kindler.

Marcia Myers


March 6  - April 30, 2020


The fresco paintings of Marcia Myers speak of the essential, where visual cues give way to an underlying visceral experience expressed in pure painterly terms.  Myers transformed the ancient fresco technique into modern terms.  The experience was distilled into a synthesized abstraction of the essential in the artists' mind and became the inspiration for a lifetime of painting.  Myers' last body of work before her death was the culmination of a 28-year journey through time, integrating the technique of the masters with a vision of modernity, giving birth to the modern fresco.


Myers' paintings are relics of a creative process where the act of creating supersedes the product of the creation.  Here, paint takes center stage, creating a symphony of color, light, texture, shape and space.  The viewer is propelled into a realm beyond recognizable subject matter, a place devoid of work and imagery where all is stripped to its very essence.  Here, the past and present commingle.


An ardent technician, Myers spent years mastering the art of fresco painting.  Marcia Myers' paintings tantalize, inviting the viewer into an ineffable dialogue with paint.  The result is pure sensory indulgence.  Myers referred to color as "the most relative medium in art."  Her luscious reds recall the ruins of Pompeii; earthy ochre's:  Tuscany; iridescent lapis blues: Giotto's Arena Chapel murals.  While these colors summon a specific place and time, the viewer also responds in a personal way.  Colors trigger memories and associations, shaping the lens through which the viewer perceives art.  It is through the power of color that the mind is transported through space and time to arrive at a present interpretation of past.


Click here for a PDF Catalog of Marcia Myers' 'REMEMBRANCE'.


Click here for available work by Marcia Myers.

Michael Gregory


March 6  - April 30, 2020


Part II of Michael Gregory’s immediately recognizable paintings with its American icons of barns, homesteads, and imagined fields. These structures serve as a backdrop where human drama unfolds.


A rich blend of history and memory, Michael’s paintings touch on the fundamental traits of exploration and isolation as seen in the American West. The buildings, ranches, and farms are reminders of people who lived in that landscape and testaments to their fortitude.


Click here for a PDF Catalog of Michael Gregory's 'TRUE WEST'.


Click here for available work by Michael Gregory.

Kara Maria


March 6  - April 30, 2020


Cloud Crystals is a collaborative monotype project between artist Kara Maria and artist/master printmaker Kathryn Kain.


The prints were inspired by the 1864 book Cloud Crystals: A Snow-Flake Album. It documents the work of Frances Chickering—who used a cut-out method based on her direct observation of individual snowflakes under magnification to record more than 200 shapes.  Maria and Kain utilized stencils they made based on Chickering’s original illustrations to create their Cloud Crystals series.


Maria and Kain began working together while Kain was Master Printer for Smith Andersen Editions (SAE) in Palo Alto, CA. Founded by Paula Kirkeby in 1969, the small fine arts press encouraged experimentation with the monoprint and monotype until its closure in 2016. After completing several projects published by SAE between 2002 and 2010 in the more traditional artist/master printmaker relationship, Maria and Kain decided to try something new. They made their first collaborative monotype project (Arcadian Duet) published by SAE in 2015—meaning that the two worked together equally as both artists and printmakers for the project. Cloud Crystals marks their second such collaborative effort.


Click here for available work by Kara Maria.

Michael Gregory


February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm

Artist Chat  •  Saturday, February 15th • 10 am


Michael Gregory’s work is immediately recognizable with its American icons of barns, homesteads, and imagined fields. These structures, while forefront in his previous works, now play evenly with the powerful imagery of the landscape and light. The light, as seen over American soil, is captured from the landscapes of our enigmatic Midwestern and Western fields to the luminescent nighttime sky overlooking cityscapes.


Gregory’s work is included in many private and public collections including The U.S. Trust Company in New York, Microsoft Corporation, General Mills Corporation, Bank of America and Champion International Corporation, and The Denver Art Museum.


Click here for a PDF Catalog of Michael Gregory's True West.


Click here for available work by Michael Gregory.


February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


Featuring work by Pamela DeTuncq, Chris Maynard, Robert McCauley and Gwynn Murrill and Mary Snowden this annual exhibition addresses man’s relationship to nature and current environmental ethics and equally examines the profound and unique beauty found in the animal kingdom.


Pamela DeTuncq provides an irreverent look at the fleeting nature of life through the ancient art of taxidermy. Drawn from the medieval theory of memento mori, vintage tapestries serve as remembered experiences and highlight the futility and vanity of preserving the ephemeral.


Chris Maynard delicately crafts small scenes of avian life by intricately cutting and re-assembling individual bird feathers.


Robert McCauley’s oil paintings use the guise of art historical narratives to examine important themes of deforestation and the ecological concerns of climate change and species extinction.


Sculptor Gwynn Murrill uses bronze to capture elemental animal forms and captures the beauty of each animal’s movement.


Mary Snowden's combines meticulously stitched and embroidered animals with hand-painted elements to capture each animal’s true character.

Nostalgic Narratives

February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


Featuring work by Jenny Abell, Dan Anderson, Morgan Brig, and Lisa Kokin this intimate group show explores the art of storytelling and nostalgia. Combining the elements of craft and everyday materials, these works appeal to our associations with the domestic and our wistful longing for childhood.


Jenny Abell invents anthropomorphic narratives through her reworking of antique book covers.


Ceramic artist Dan Anderson creates forms representative of rural America, from old oil cans to architectural forms of decades past.


Morgan Brig crafts small toy boats from copper and found materials playing to our memories of childhood and love of intimate objects.


Lisa Kokin combines shredded money with metallic thread, re-contextualizing everyday materials and creating new forms and giving old money a new value.

Preview 2020

February 4  - March 10, 2020

Gallery Walk  •  Friday, February 14th • 5-8 pm


A major group exhibition that will showcase a wide variety of the gallery’s internationally recognized and emerging artists who will be included in group shows or have one- person exhibitions at the gallery in 2020.


Pegan Brooke’s paintings are inspired by the experiences of sustained reflection upon various rivers and oceans. These paintings capture the beauty of light that dances across the surface of water and the reflections of light in the snow.


Inspired by the Bay Area Figurative movement, Linda Christensen paints solitary figures in moments of repose. The artist captures her subjects in those brief moments of internal thought and self-reflection.


Judith Kindler is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, photography, encaustic, and photo-based work. Whether commenting on sociological interactions or her own autobiographical subjects, Judith endeavors to lay bare the common threads of human experience.

Laura McPhee is a photographer noted for her stunning large-scale landscapes and portraits of the people who live and work in them. She is currently chronicling visual stories about time, both geologic and human,  in the western desert of the United States. A meditation on our material lives, this body of work  depicts our paradoxical approaches as we at once to protect, alter, and extract from the land.


Jane Rosen’s sculptures sit on the line between realism and abstraction. Sketching Birds of Prey in their natural habitat, Rosen captures their essential forms, then carefully renders these Birds of Prey from glass and stone.


Raphaelle Goethals uses the medium of encaustic to produce her muted and masterful panels.  A ancient technique, encaustic employs ground pigments mixed with heated beeswax and resin. Goethals’ paintings always retain a memory of the earth through the presence of these natural materials.


Kathy Moss uses botanicals as archetypes in her paintings. Aware of the suggestiveness of and psychological meaning attached to flowers, Moss uses these objects as subject matter to address issues of  power, solipsism, and hierarchies by presenting imaginary orders and arrangements that would not occur in the natural world.


Working with simple forms and made from the most simple natural material of clay, Bean Finneran’s  constructions are abstract rings, lines, cones, circles but often evoke real things: sea anemones, coral reefs, haystacks or wind-blown grasses.


Anne Siems explores the various and ever shifting definitions of what it means to be female. In her newest body of work Siems addresses the complexity of female sexuality and the often times opposing values of tenderness and strength, and vulnerability within us all.

For over 44 years the gallery has built a national reputation for presenting energetic exhibition schedules, participating in international art fairs, facilitating museum exhibitions, and publishing books and catalogs for our artists.

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