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Kenna Moser


"My studio is full of objects that inspire, and piles of old botanical books, dictionaries and letters to be used in my work. I begin by gluing original vintage letters, envelopes and collage to a wood panel; a signature layer of beeswax follows this. I have been working with encaustic and beeswax for the past 20 years. The beeswax is applied hot, then smoothed and buffed. It provides a transparent and luminous surface for the oil painting."


"The letters reference the written word. The script and paper are appealing to work upon. The writer’s stories have been lost. Perhaps I am creating their narrative. There is a bit of humor in the current pieces. Small images of people cut and collaged from books combined with larger life size oil paintings of natural specimens."


"I am inspired by artists who work with their own visual language, passions and quirks. I believe that the path to the universal is through the personal, that you can only really paint what you know. My work is intertwined with my life. Images are gathered from trees, ferns and feathers found in the woods and stream behind my studio or gleaned from my garden."


3M Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Benziger Winery, Glen Ellen, CA

Bellevue Club, Bellevue, WA

Brussels, USEU Mission and Residence

Gamblin Artists Colors, Portland, OR

McCaw International, Seattle, WA

Newcastle Golf Club, Bellevue, WA

Northwest Building Corporation, Seattle, WA

Saintsbury Winery, Napa, CA

San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA

Seattle Arts Commission: Watermarks Project, Seattle, WA

Seattle University Law School, Seattle, WA

University of Washington Medical Center

Walker, Richer, Quinn, Seattle, WA

Washington State Arts Commission: Pierce College, Tacoma, WA



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