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Jane Rosen

Jane Rosen’s talent is in finding the shadows of things, the soft sepia tones of birds and mammals, the quiet and penetrating  turn of a beak or gazeof a feral eye. Rosen’s sculptures are evocative, less precise renditions of similar subject matter - and she pays as much attention to the material as to the shapes she forms with it.


“What I found is that animal nature is a key for us to understand our own nature. The relationship of their nature to the forces of nature all comes down to a kind of sacred map. The kind of laws that govern nature begin to become visible in the interactions between these various species. You can see that in the shape of an oyster-catcher’s bill. It opens laterally, so that it can eat clams and oysters. Not only that, but a law appears in its

relationship to others...there’s a pecking order.”


Jane Rosen’s sensuously crafted, blown glass raptors, horse hooves and stone plinths never leave the feeling of the hand behind in their making. The precedents for her work run deep with echoes of Egyptian and Inuit stone carving to Brancusi’s "Bird in Space".


Jane works within this tradition, the goals of which have always been to express harmony with nature using animal imagery as metaphors for elevated thought and spiritual meaning.


-Eric Fischl





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