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December 1 - December 20, 2004


Group exhibition of prints with an emphasis on flowers, including Joseph Raffael's lithographs of water lillies, Robert DeVoe's still lifes with fruit and china, and Allison Stewart's fluid monotypes of reeds and wetland flowers. In his first exhibition with the gallery, internationally recognized Donald Campbell presents prints of flowers in glass vases, with accompanying imagery.





Surface V

Group Exhibition


December 1 - December 22, 2004


Group contemporary show with an emphasis on the surface of each artist's work. On exhibition are Raphaelle Goathal's atmospheric paintings with wax and resin and Kris Cox's pigmented putty and wax paintings encased in raw wood. Dennis Evans' "Book of Rivers" combines nature, science, seasons, and culture in his acrylic paintings in wax and found objects. Rana Rochat's colorful layers of wax and abstract forms are on both paper and panel. New to the gallery, Lynda Lowe, well known for her paintings on panel, explores and merges the scientific and analytical with the whimsical and intuitive.





A Sense of Place

Group Landscape


December 1 - December 22, 2004


"A Sense of Place" Group Landscape: an exhibition of regional landscape artists, including Divit Cardoza's watercolors of late fall and winter scenes, James Cook's energetic and vibrant oil paintings, and George Harkins' intricate and colorful watercolors. The show will also feature landscapes by Connie Borup, Bruce Park, and Theodore Waddell.





Theodore Waddell

Idaho Light


October 6 - November 17, 2004


Oil paintings, graphite and encaustic drawings on paper, bronze sculpture, and monotypes are unique visions of Idaho and The West. His expressive handling of the paint and form is a reflection of the landscape: simultaneously rugged and beautiful. Waddell's depiction of the land places the mind's eye in range with grazing sheep and horses, giving the viewer an awareness of the vast, romantic expanse of the frontier.





Gwynn Murrill

Obihiro Spirit Deer


September 2 - October 4, 2004


Natural, exquisite and minimal, Murrill's cast bronze sculptures of deer are based on the indigenous deer found in Hokkaido Island, Japan. Internationally known for her honed mastery of creating animals in deceivingly simple form, Murrill's animals, including deer, coyote, hawks, and bobcats, are both





Alan Finneran

Days and Days


September 2 - October 4, 2004


After spending years in improvisational performance theatre, Finneran turns his focus toward theatrical photography, staging his nude female subjects in acts of just being. Through this group of women, Finneran explores individuality in dramatic "performance landscapes".




Christopher Reilly & Michelle Haglund


September 2 - October 4, 2004


Using layers of rich, natural pigment and beeswax on panel, Reilly and Haglund's botanical paintings are alive with movement and spirituality. Their new bodies of work offer detailed depictions of plants, animals, insects and flowers.





Therman Statom



August 6 - August 29, 2004


Internationally recognized for his unconventional painted, blown, and fabricated glass sculpture, Statom's playful but sophisticated imagery and integration of non-glass materials continues to explore unique, architectural compositions.





Kris Cox


August 6 - August 29, 2004


New sculptural paintings saturated by subtle color and texture. This series of wood, wax, and mixed media paintings in earthen tones are held within compartmentalized borders. Working in a variety of materials and form, Cox minimizes space with exposed, found wood and sculpted illusions of grain.





Robert McCauley



July 2 - August 2, 2004


Dramatic oil paintings depict the incongruous relationship between man and nature. Storytelling draws reference from early North American history, including Lewis & Clark, Pearce and Catlin. McCauley's animals interact in human-type behaviors and suggest nature as nurturing and reflective.





Mario Reis

Nature Watercolors


July 2 - August 2, 2004


"Nature Watercolor" - a series of conceptual canvases that document one river in each of the 50 United States. Reis' ideology in which nature is directly involved in creating its own art explores boundaries between space, time, and natural elements.





Delos Van Earl

The Phoenix Series


July 2 - August 2, 2004


"Phoenix Series" - sculptures in steel and bronze, painted with enamel, balance color in innovative geometric shapes and configurations. The Phoenix Series is sculptural with complex, painted surfaces that create simple, intrinsic forms and lively exciting color in two- and three-dimensional installations.





Julie Speidel


July 2 - August 2, 2004


Explores time in her fabricated bronze sculptures influenced by ancient cultures. Contrasting Reis' natural medium derived from rivers, Speidel's bronze sculptures, benches, and fountains echo natural forms and shape, influenced by humankind.

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